Eva is known for her incredible ability to see into a person’s life in detail, without any information.She proves again and again what a true medium really is, and her uncanny ability to predict the future, has made Eva re-known with a steady customer bases.


The difference between my psychic readings and most others is that, most of the times when you call a psychic, you are in qustionable situations and you need answers, but somehow most psychics don´t really give you a clear answer and it ends in you guessing if it might be that person already in your life or not and at the end of the call, you still have your questions and you shorely didn´t get any proff of what happened to you..I consider IF you are a real psychic this is your area, YOU can re-tell exactly what people said and done and why and YOU can answer questions clearly and you don´t even need to know what the client is wondering about, BECAUSE you see it, that´s just how it should be..IF THE PSYCHIC IS REAL, simple as that…AND my friends that is me and my psychic ability!!!!


Client Feedback

Eva, last year you gave me a medium reading live via Skype. having lost a close family member, I was going through a very difficult time. I wanted the reading quite soon after I had lost my dear one but you advised me to wait, in fact you refused to do the reading so soon as you said it usually takes time for ppl who go over to settle also that they may not be ready to communicate that soon. I waited a few months and when you did the reading you were so spot on describing my other extended family members on the other side. You particularly described one family member in such detail as if he stood next to you, from his looks, his age, persona etc. The mere fact that you didn’t want my money straight away and instead advised me to wait just shows how serious, professional and customer focused you are!
Helin Bal Uk